Aldo Rosato
Full name Aldo- Santino Rosato
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part II
Date of Birth 1986
Date of Death N/A
Nationality Flag of Italy Download (7) Italian-American
Home Rosato Palace, New Bordeux
Affiliation Rosato Syndicate

Aldo Rosato is the Underboss of the Rosato Syndicate. He is the son of Leon Rosato, and the brother of Thomas Rosato, Connor Rosato and Collin Rosato. He is a major antagonist in Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part II, and he rivals Tony Arlijone of the Arlijone Crime Family.

Description Edit

Aldo is 6'4''. He is medium built, and has blue eyes. He has black hair, and a scar on this neck that is the shape on an X. During his appearance, he is seen in a grey suit, in a white shirt, with a grey tie.

Characterictics Edit

Aldo is aggressive, and has a "filthy" temper. He treats the business as an everyday job, and is known around New Bordeux to be that kind of guy who parties lots, and if he gets disturbed, he is about to kill someone. He is the only brother of Thomas Rosato, who Thomas treats with respect. Aldo mostly works with Thomas, and is usually taken on the job as an insurance policy, for everyone in New Bordeux and Lost Heaven knows to not try anything funny with Aldo.

Trivia Edit

  • He is 30 years old.
  • He has a wife named Elsa. In an easter egg, it is said that Aldo Rosato is married to someone who is related to the "Big Wolf". This easter egg, is probably false, and a rumor that Rosato's made-up, to get people to fear both Aldo, and his wife.
  • It is also mentioned that Aldo has two kids, a daughter, and a son.
  • His character is based off of Santino Corleone, a major character in the 1970s classic gangster film, the Godfather.