Collin Rosato
Full name Collin Rosato
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part II
Date of Birth 1990
Date of Death N/A
Nationality Flag of Italy Download (7) Italian-American
Home Rosato Palace, New Bordeux
Affiliation Rosato Syndicate

Collin Rosato is an Underboss of the Rosato Syndicate, the son of Leon Rosato, and the brother of Thomas Rosato, Aldo Rosato and Connor Rosato. He is a major antagonist in Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part II. It is mentioned by James Arlijone, that Collin rivals his brother, Connor, and are both competitors, Connor being more tan, smart, old and popular between the ladies than Collin.

Description Edit

Collin is 6'1''. Out of all the Rosato brothers, he is the smallest one. Due to this feature, his brother Connor teases him and calls him a Dwarf, which oftenly leads Collin to go on a rampage, killing innocent's, and trying to not let anybody get away from any slaughters that Collin is involved in. He has brown hair, is that of a medium build, and he has blue eyes. He is seen in a brown suit, with a white shirt underneath. He is seen with an orange ascot during his appearance.

Trivia Edit