John Arlijone
John Arlijone (UPDATED)
Full name John Arlijone
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I
Date of Birth 1957
Date of Death 2016
Nationality Flag of Italy Download (7) Italian-American
Home Persia Ranch, Lost Heaven
Affiliation Arlijone Crime Family

John Arlijone is the was the Don of Arlijone Crime Family since 1977 to 2016, and a Tritagonist in Mafia: The Lost Heaven Chronicles. He was the father of James Arlijone and Tony Arlijone, the husband of Zoe Arlijone, brother-in-law of Jacob Selijone, and the son of Eric "Ruthless Butcher" Arlijone. He was a life-long rival of the Pacazano's don Paulie Pacazano.

Appearance Edit

John is 5'11'' tall. He is medium built, has cold blue eyes, and short grey hair. He has a scar on his left hand, and wears a sapphire ring everywhere he goes. Possibly a wedding ring, since his wife has a ring that is identical to John's one.

Characteristics Edit

John is that of a good temper. He rarely gets mad, but when he does, someone around him that is not his friend will die.

Trivia Edit

  • John is 59 years old.
  • His weapon of choice is a modified Colt Python.
  • He drives a Ascot Bailey X2005 that is Super Charged.
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