The Mafia Fanon Timeline covers the entire history of the Mafia fanon games world in chronological order. Every major event in the history of the Mafia fanon universe is recorded here.

15th Century Edit

1493 Edit

  • Fideli Romersto, a Portugese explorer sets out to a journey near the recently found land, America, founds new, unoccupied land and calls it "Céu Perdido" (Lost Heaven) after the fact that the sky was incredibly cloudy, temporarily making him think that the heaven was lost to armies of hell.

16th Century Edit

1500 Edit

  • Fideli Romersto gets ambushed by Indians whilst heading back to Céu Perdido from Portugese, and is murdered.
  • Fideli's first mate, Alonzo Porelo slaughters all Indians and declares Céu Perdido his kingdom.
  • Indians declare war to Alonzo's "kingdom", Céu Perdido.
  • Indians infiltrate Céu Perdido and murders Alonzo in his sleep.
  • Indians collects all Portugese sailors left and makes them translate Céu Perdido into the language of Indians.
  • Céu Perdido is renamed to Svarg Khoya

17th Century Edit

1678 Edit

  • Rique De Zizo founds an unknown land and names it Adelaide, after his mother.

18th Century Edit

1782 Edit

  • George Washington and his soldiers storm Svarg Khoya and slaughter all Indians.
  • Svarg Khoya is renamed to Lost Heaven
  • Building begins in Lost Heaven, transforming it from a village to a giant city.
  • George Washington declares Wade Creiley the mayor of Lost Heaven.

19th Century Edit

1878 Edit

  • Jack Thompson is elected mayor of Adelaide, and renames it Davis City, after the president of Confederates Jefferson Davis.

1885 Edit

  • Lenny Arlijone is born in Florence, Italy.
  • Bernardo Pacazano is born in Tuscany, Italy.