Pacazano Family
Pacazano Logo

Location Lost Heaven
Founded By Leland Pacazano Sr.
Current Boss Paulie Pacazano
Current Underboss Emillio Pacazano
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I

Pacazano Family is the second biggest crime family in Lost Heaven. It was established in 1940 alongside the Arlijone Family, and to this day rivals it. It was led by Leland Pacazano Sr, until his assassination in 1958. Then his son, Leonardo took over the family business. During his career as the don of Pacazano family, Leonardo made lucky deals, and avoided assassination attempts many times, which led to him being named the "Icon o' Luck". One of his most known lucky moments was when he was eating in the restaurant, when a sniper attempted to kill him. Just when Leonardo was putting food in his mouth with a fork, the sniper took his shot, but missed and hit the fork. If the shot was taken slightly to the right, Leonardo would of been hit right in the mouth. Leonardo then quickly flee'd the scene, whilst his bodyguards trapped the hitman in his hiding spot, broke into it, and killed him. The current don of Pacazano Family is Paulie Pacazano, the son of Leonardo Pacazano.

Family Structure Edit

 Don Paulie Pacazano 

 Underboss Leland Pacazano Jr.Æ

 Consigliere "Pussy" Electrica Tasty

 Underboss Emillio Pacazano

 Enforcer Stephen Forbes

 Caporegime Andrew McQueenson

 Soldato Pete Gus

 Soldato Mario Pyzo

 Soldato Giuseppe DiVamano

 Soldato Jacob Ballz

 Soldato Jackie the Kid

 Associate Clew Harpor

 Associate Viktor Strazzmaryn

† means deceased
* means formerly
Æ means assassinated.
♣ means a traitor, that is loyal to the other family
Pacazano Family