Thomas Rosato
Full name Thomas- Anthony Rosato
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part II
Date of Birth 1984
Date of Death N/A
Nationality Flag of Italy Download (7) Italian-American
Home Rosato Palace, New Bordeux
Affiliation Rosato Syndicate

Thomas Rosato is the Underboss of the Rosato Syndicate. He is the son of Leon Rosato, and the brother of Aldo Rosato, Connor Rosato and Collin Rosato. He is a major antagonist in Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part II, and his family rivals the New Bordeux chapter of the Arlijone Family.

Description Edit

Thomas is 6'6''. He is that of a medium build. He has grey eyes, and black hair. During his appearance, he is seen wearing a grey suit, with a yellow striped shirt, and a purple ascot.

Characterictics Edit

Thomas is calm. He is shown to think before his every action, and takes the family business very seriously, unlike his brother Aldo, who treats the business as an every-day job, yet Aldo is Thomas' only brother who Thomas treats with respect and not a mere idiot, like he treats Collin and Connor.

Trivia Edit

  • He is 32 years old.
  • He has a wife named Camila
  • It is mentioned that he has six kids, including four boys, and two girls.
  • His appearance is based off of Michael Corleone from the classic gangster movie from the 1970s, the Godfather