Thompson Springfield - Series 201X
Springfield 201X Series Thompson
Appearances Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I
Type Submachine Gun
Rating Star Star Star Star Star
Damage High
Capacity 360
Origins Download (7) USA
Price $1,000,000

Thompson Springfield Series 2K1X is a submachine weapon found in Mafia: The Chronicles of Lost Heaven - Part I.

Description Edit

The player is able to buy Thompson Springfield from Vinnie Ballz after he is introduced to him by James Arlijone. Thompson Springfield is a modified version of the 1940s - 1950s Tommy Gun. It has a sniper scope, so that users could have better aim at their target, a red pointer, to mark the place the user is going to shoot, which means usually Thompson Springfield doesn't miss. It also has a silencer which is removable.

Themes Edit

In Mafia: TCOLH, the player can customize their weapons by buying Themes (otherwise skins) for their weapons. These themes change some of the gun parts. In this case, the holding parts. For every theme the player buys, he gets an Achievment/Trophy.

  • Alligator of Lost Heaven - 10G - Silver Trophy : Buy the Alligator theme for Springfield Thompson.
  • Dopeman - 10G - Silver Trophy : Buy the Weed theme for Springfield Thompson.
  • Mafioso Beethoven - 10G - Silver Trophy : Buy the Music theme for Springfield Thompson.
  • Sugar Daddy - 10G - Silver Trophy : Buy the SoftCola theme for Springfield Thompson.
  • Chrome Man - 10G - Silver Trophy : Buy the Chrome theme for Springfield Thompson.
  • Touch of the Midas - 100G - Platinum Trophy : Spend $10,000,000 on the Gold theme for Springfield Thompson.

Summary Edit

Pros Edit

  • Causes high damage.
  • The accuracy is high.
  • One clip can hold a lot of bullets, which means bullets don't run out quick.
  • Has a scope (which is removable) that can help you shoot your target from large distances.

Cons Edit

  • Costs a large ammount of money.
  • Becomes available in the middle of the storyline, when shootous are focused on less on the missions.