Tommy Gun
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Appearances Mafia:The Chicago Stories
Type Submachine Gun
Rating Star Star Star Star Star Shaded
Damage Medium
Capacity 328
Origins Download (7) USA
Price $600,000

Tommy Gun is a submachine weapon found in Mafia.

Description Edit

Tommy Gun is added in the update #48 for "Mafia Chicago Stories", and update #12 for "Mafia Retribution" and "Mafia Revenge" it is able to purchase for $600,000.

Summary Edit


  • Good base damage per shot, especially for an SMG.
  • Good magazine capacity (tied with Kobus 90 for highest base SMG magazine capacity)
  • Good base Stability 
  • Sizable unique mod pool
  • Can be modded for good Concealment (27)
  • Available early on and fairly affordable


  • Average rate of fire compared to other SMGs
  • Mediocre accuracy, and not many mods to improve it.
  • Very slow reload for an SMG
  • Worst base Concealment of all SMGs
  • Unique mods focus mostly on improving Concealment, giving limited opportunity to improve combat performance
    • Accuracy is poor when modded for Concealment
  • All unique mods are itemdrops, requiring farming or a lot of playtime before you can effectively upgrade the gun.
  • Flat iron sights, making aiming at long ranges somewhat awkward.
  • Sights are mounted far away from the user, making it slightly difficult to effectively acquire and track targets.

Builds Edit

A good build of Tommy Gun consists of:

If the player wants to upgrade the gun during some missions, the player can get to the closest Harry Shop. Or just upgrade it while shooting at certain positions. The only attachment that doesn't upgrade is QD Sling Stock.